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Content is King at the Super Bowl

It’s no secret, with social media and real-time content publishing, the Super Bowl now reaches far beyond its TV audience. Last year, Super Bowl related social media activity touched over 52M consumers, up 17% from 2012. It’s safe to say, … Continued

SXSW Recap: 3 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out at Big Events

— by Associate Account Directors Thao Bui and Jen Clines SXSW: We came. We saw. We conquered. And we… remembered? SXSW is awe-some and overwhelming — an experiential marketer’s dream and nightmare. At these kind of massive conference events/festivals there … Continued

Social Media and The Politics of Instant Gratification

This year’s hotly contested election finds all parties – Democrats, Republicans and voters – tapping into marketing and social tools to shape the conversation and make the most of every moment. NPR’s All Things Considered reported this story on the … Continued

How to Defuse Your Brand Detractors on Social Media

Let’s face it: for even the most digitally savvy companies, leveraging your brand on social media can be a bit like sending your child off to their first day of school: here’s your creation, which you’ve spent a countless amount … Continued

Quantity or quality?

A recent blog post by the CEO of a media company described how “super-long” content no longer works in modern media: “This is why blogs are disrupting newspapers. It’s why short web videos get watched, and long web videos generally … Continued

Harley Davidson lets it ride

Harley Davidson is launching a new social media campaign that’s caught our attention here at Grow Marketing for the very 21st-century manner in which it was created. In a sense, what the venerable motorcycle manufacturer has done is simply employ … Continued