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SXSWi 2016: The Power of Getting Personal

Fresh from our travels to Austin, the brand activations that had us buzzing were the ones that were all about us. Rather than deliver the same experience to many, these brands found ways to deliver their messages in a manner that was also profoundly personal.

Gatorade Fuel Lab

Gatorade Fuel Lab_650x400(2)

At the Gatorade Fuel Lab, we were taken on a progressive journey that ended in a sleek locker room, where we experienced a new product that has yet to hit the shelves and received custom water bottles we had created via an interactive touch screen from our own “personal” lockers.

Budweiser Beer Garage

Budweiser Beer Garden_800x800

The highlight of the Budweiser Beer Garage was a 4D Immersive Reality trip that transported guests to the iconic St. Louis Brewery – from smelling the hops to touching the wood chips to feeling the brisk chill of the freezer. An app to ship a Budweiser fridge directly to your home closed the loop in a clever way.

IBM Cognitive Studio

IMB Cognitive Studio_800x700

Starting with your custom drink waiting at the Cognitive Cocktail Bar to riding a stationary VR bike to controlling robots with your brain, IBM expanded the ways we use our minds (and robots!).

Refinery29 School of Self Expression


Refinery29’s School Of Self Expression blended old and new school elements to take attendees on a journey of the self, including a thought-provoking classroom session that truly wowed us.

IMG_1406 (1)