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Grow Gives: Fostering a Forgotten Kitten from the SF SPCA


Meow there, my name is Patra (as in Cleopatra), and I’m just going to say it—my regal name becomes me. My glossy black coat and slim figure are a nod to my namesake, but I’m more than just a pretty face. My purr goes on forever, and I’m known as the best cuddler south of Union Street. I believe in honesty and direct communication—the only games I’m interested in involve chasing shiny toys around in circles. My ideal date would be stalking a fluffy pink ball followed by a Netflix and belly rub marathon.


One thing that’s hard for me to share is that life hasn’t always been easy for me. I didn’t have a family for the first few weeks of my life, which made it hard for me to come out of my shell. But after the San Francisco SPCA brought me to a week-long life coaching seminar (ok, cuddles and playtime) with my friends at Grow, I’m a whole new kitten and am ready to settle down with my soulmate.


In an effort to shed light on the importance of fostering Forgotten Kittens to facilitate adoptions and open up space in local shelters, Grow partnered with the SF SPCA to pilot a new program, Office Cats. Forgotten Kittens refer to slightly older kittens who didn’t have as much engagement during the first few weeks of their lives and, as a result, are initially more shy and fearful of people. Since many people visiting shelters make decisions based on how interactive and interested the animals appear, being shy can be a real hindrance to finding a fur-ever home. Placing these kittens in friendly, secure foster environments—such as the animal-loving house of Grow—helps them learn to come out of their shells so they can attract potential adopters while freeing up much-needed space in shelters.

Since Patra arrived at Grow on October 19th, she has transformed from a shy, anxious kitten into a confident, affectionate, playful ball of fur. As Gwyn Johnson at the SF SPCA explained to us, “having a consistent, calm environment with lots of attention is all that most kittens need to gain confidence.” The Grow team of animal lovers knows how much a pet can enrich your life, and Patra’s presence at Grow is no exception. We’re going to have a hard time saying goodbye to her, but we’re so excited to find her a loving, permanent home!

If you’re interested in setting up an Office Cats program at your company (trust us—it’s worth it!), reach out to Gwyn Johnson at the SF SPCA at 415.522.3542 or


Patra here! I’m writing to you now from my new home, where I’m currently curled up safe and warm with my new family watching the rain fall. I’m so grateful to have found my forever home, but I can’t stop thinking about about all my friends back at the SF SPCA who are still waiting to be adopted. Visit the San Francisco SPCA’s website to find your purr-fect match!


Team Photo Patra FINAL

unnamedAdoptable animals at the SF SPCA, clockwise from upper left, Nicola, Speckles, HugsCassidy, Charles, Potatoes, Mochi, Bright Eyes.