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Pop It Up!

At Grow, we’ve got big love for the pop-up concept. We’ve popped up lounges, boutiques and even an oasis and won awards for our pop-up initiatives for brands like Electronic Arts and Intuit . Pop-ups are a great way to engage your consumers on many levels, both online and off. Here are some recent pop-ups that continue to push the envelope and forge truly meaningful relationships with consumers.

Nice Kicks  has a really nice pop-up shop at this year’s SXSW, but they’re adding a twist to the concept by taking it mobile  with the Nice Cream Truck. Modeled on a traditional ice cream truck, the Nice Cream Truck tweets out its location to lucky shoppers who can pick up an exclusive pair of Vans.

British Airways  is getting ready for the Olympics with a pop-up airline cabin to open in London next month. Visitors will be able to sample BA’s inflight Olympic menu (at proper tables!) as well as enjoy representative inflight entertainment and an gallery featuring Olympic-themed art to be painted on some of their planes for the event.

And finally, a pop-up initiative to support young adults in tough circumstances: First Friday, a retail training and consultancy company in the UK, developed the Pop-up Shop Project  to employ young unemployed workers. The shop, which is selling locally sourced clothing and crafts, is designed to encourage unemployed young adults to become more “business minded and entrepreneurial.”

Think a pop-up initiative may work for you? Get in touch!