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Making the Most of Maker Faire

I headed down to the Maker Faire a week ago for a much needed shot of creativity. For any dormant scientist or hopeful weekend inventor, this is your Nirvana. My filter was a little off with all of the pre-buzz … Continued

Avoid “Ordinance” in Your Marketing Mix

San Francisco established another first this week. According to, San Francisco became the first city in the nation to change the distribution of phonebooks from opt-out to opt-in. I mean, can we all scream hallelujah?! How I hated tripping … Continued

Google vs. Facebook… we all lose.

When I heard about the PR fiasco between Facebook/Burson-Marsteller and Google, it broke my heart; not because two giants that I respect for their staggering innovation are battling it out for more social media share, but because the discipline of … Continued

The Pop-up Is Here To Stay

Sometimes a fashion look manages to make the leap from trend to wardrobe staple – something that can be updated with different accessories or details to make it modern – while the essence remains the same. Witness the prediction of … Continued